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Prince's Story

Before Prince started at the Elaine Clark Center in Winter 2020, he attended a typical day care center. However, the teachers weren’t always equipped to meet his needs as a student with autism. In a large classroom, his mom Talena felt he didn’t get the one-on-one instruction needed to ensure he participated in activities and could learn and develop.

Talena relied on Babies Can’t Wait to help her find new childcare options, and Prince’s case worker told her about ECC. Talena was happy to find smaller class sizes and passionate teachers who love what they do. Through photos and videos they send, she sees that even though he can be “in his own world,” his teachers always make sure he completes activities when he is ready.

“With Elaine Clark, it’s more family-oriented, we’re all in this together,” Talena explained. Even after just a few months, she sees improvements in his communication and socialization. He talks and babbles more, which is the first step to her hopes that he will soon better communicate his wants and needs, whether verbally, through pictures, or otherwise. 


Prince attending ECC has given his entire family “peace of mind” they never had before. In other care, Talena never had full confidence he would be learning, cared for, and making relationships as best he could. Now that Prince attends ECC, Talena can focus on her day without worrying that he will get what he needs, something she says would not be possible without the Frank Clark Memorial Scholarship Fund.

“It means everything. It’s really the difference of him being there or not being there.” 

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