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Children ages six weeks to five years old are supported to explore, learn, play and grow socially in a developmentally appropriate environment. Our teachers support each child’s learning style through a combination of guided activities that are comfortable to the children while providing a sense of accomplishment at the end of their day.

The program features NAEYC & Bright from the Start Accredited childcare with Montessori, Reggio and Sensory Integration approaches in an inclusive environment where children with special needs learn and play alongside children who are typically developing.

Our inclusive setting benefits children with special needs by increasing their social competence, advancing their play skills and giving them the opportunity to incorporate therapeutic goals within an early childhood educational setting. Typically developing children in the program naturally learn to become more aware of the needs of others, and more accepting, responsive and helpful to those who are different from themselves.

Parents are encouraged to become involved and participate in the “active learning” process, and to visit with us throughout the day. While we provide an educational approach that reaches beyond a typical childcare facility, the care that each child receives from our staff is what most of our parents have come to expect, love and support. To schedule a tour of our facility and learn more about our program, contact us at 770-458-3251 or email us at

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