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Early intervention services are tailored specifically for children with special needs from 6 weeks to 3 years old and include developmental screenings to detect delays, assessments and goal planning that supports children to overcome cognitive and physical obstacles and effectively participate in their surrounding environments, interventions conducted in a NAEYC accredited inclusive childcare environment, parent training and advocacy, and professional referrals.

To determine the needs of each child, our Child Development Specialist completes a developmental assessment upon enrollment of children with special needs and consults with therapists, teachers, special instructors, and the child’s parents to determine appropriate goals for the child. Diagnosing and addressing special needs with an individualized therapy and education plan at an early age equips children with the tools to face their own adversity as well-adjusted, prepared, and effectively communicating individuals. The comprehensive Early Intervention services provide a foundation of specialized care for children with special needs that enhance their growth and development.  

Our Therapeutic Intervention Program (TIP) under the direction of our Child Development Specialist, in cooperation with a speech, occupational and physical therapist,  enables interventions for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old.  The therapists train teachers and work with parents to incorporate therapeutic intervention into activities at the Center and at home.  For more information contact us at 770-458-3251 or email at

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