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To provide extended support and care for school aged children with various special needs through fun and developmentally appropriate activities, based around recreation, that will foster their development across all domains, including opportunities to receive sensory input from various locations in their community.

After School Enrichment
After school services are available for school-aged children (5-22). The site provides onsite enrichment, including sports, art, social engagement, and fun, appropriate activities that enrich development. We focus on the children’s ability not their disability. We respond to individual and family goals while engaging children in various activities with their peers!


Holiday Respite
During the school year, including all Dekalb County School off days (Thanksgiving, winter break and spring break), ECC offers on-site camps to provide children of all abilities the opportunity to participate in fun, developmentally appropriate activities. Fees may vary per holiday so contact us for more information.

ECHO Summer Programs

We have several camps for children of all abilities and classroom space for all age levels! ECC Life offers fun. adaptive activities for the engagement of all children! We respond to the needs of each individual child to make sure they have a fun, safe summer.

  • Camp ECHO (ages 5-22) offers a summer camp experience for all. We have three age groups that operate onsite in the summer at Elaine Clark Center. Campers are provided with a structured schedule that works to integrate each child on their level. We offer quality, therapeutic recreation for children with developmental disabilities requiring a higher level of support. As an on campus program we are able to provide age appropriate activities with full support for every camper. Activities include indoor and outdoor play, sensory and social games, music and movement, arts and crafts activities and more. As therapeutic and educational resources are used to insure each child is successful. Minimal aggressive behavior is required. Ratio is 1:5.

  • ECHO on the Go Summer Vocational and Community Skills Program (ages 9-22) provides a unique summer camp experience by mirroring real world diversity and inclusion. This camp is available for campers ages 9-22, split into two groups 9-13 and 14-22. Campers enrolled will be participating in onsite job and life skill training as well as taking trips out into their community for job readiness and physical exercise! Campers must be able to participate independently in community setting.

Each camper requires an assessment to determine their camp placement. After the assessment and/or initial observation period, you will be notified if any adjustment must be made to your child's current placement.

All first week deposits must be made by May 1 to reserve your child's spot in camp. Camp ECHO at ECC is $350 a week for the full summer and $300 for individual weeks. A $50 registration fee is also due with registration to be considered for space in one or more camps. Additionally, upon acceptance you will be asked to submit a deposit for each registered camp. Your space is not held until the deposit is received.

For more information, call the Elaine Clark Center at 770-458-3251 or email Joi Rachmann at

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