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Heart of Hope Academy is an accredited K-12 transitional school for children with special needs emphasizing functional life skills training, adaptive technologies, applied academic curriculum, and community based vocational training.

We believe that every person has the ability to reach their potential.  The process of self-actualization will enable our population to become proud, independent, contributing citizens within their environment. Through social emotional growth, one can develop abstract thinking, which in turn facilitates academic capacities to learn.

Our school culture encourages a collaborative effort that engages the involvement of teachers, parents, students, therapist, consultants and other significant support facilitators.

We base our theory of learning on real life experiences that allows the school to shape the child’s perception of interpersonal associations.  The selected activities help to simplify receptive and expressive skills which are essential for functional assessments.  We use a diverse array of learning modalities to promote success. Incorporated lessons are derived from developmental, individual processing differences, and relationships that focus on communication, practical academic skills and community based learning.  

One size does not fit all; therefore, adapted curriculums are incorporated into the dynamics of teaching.  Heart of Hope recognizes that in order for our children to transfer learning they must have the opportunity to see and learn the information through many modes of presentation. Please contact our office to arrange an informational meeting to see if the Academy is a good fit for your student's needs. Click here to read more about our unique curriculum!


Contact Joi Rachmann at for more information.

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