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Since 1969, the Elaine Clark Center has been in the business of opportunity. Our staff have always afforded students with special needs care they can't receive elsewhere, and we celebrate our students' accomplishments at and after their time at ECC. Read about how ECC set Landis and Hayden up for success!

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Give now to help ECC families #BuildSomethingNew!


As we continue to serve more and more students with special needs, we strive to improve programs designed specifically to support them and their families, like Pediatric Nursing, Social Services, the Therapeutic Intervention Program and the Frank Clark Memorial Scholarship Fund.

To fund these programs, we created the 500 Club, a donor society for those who commit a recurring gift of at least $10 a month. Members of the 500 Club receive special perks and, most importantly, make a huge impact on the lives of ECC students who often cannot find the care they need anywhere else.


Give now to help ECC families #BuildSomethingNew!

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Thank you to the generous donors who have committed

to changing the lives of our students and families! 

Ahn Family Trust

Amy and Trey Harris

Anita Bullock-Morley

Brad and Kari Beebe

Carly and Matt Bloomingdale

Christina and John Hickock

Christopher and Alaia Alston

Christopher and Melissa Holt

Damir Hecimovic

Dale and Lynn Manguno

Daniel Zagoria

Danielle and Jason Jarlock

David Seidel and Erica Peters

Donna and Chris Underwood

Erica Adkins

Individual and Team Therapy Services

Jaclyn and Anthony Koleck

Janice Bridges

Jennifer Sheppard

Jill Wiltshire

Joi Rachmann

John Rodman

Lanson and Robin Broeker

Lindsay Lancaster

Mary Smith

Meagan Chong

Oliaro Commercial, LLC

Paul and Aneesa Singh

Rachel Johnson

Rene Demery

Richard and Cathryn Dubow

Rothkopf Greenberg Family Foundation Trust

Stephen Lore

Stephen Snyder

Talena Davis

Tiffany Butler

Thomas Johnson, IV

Theraplay Pediatric Services

Wayne and Tommy Johnson

Tony Cook

Uptime Electric Company, Inc.

Viraj Chugh and Emily Shrum

500 Club - Gold Tier

Adam and Mu-Hung Cardi

Anne Ladd

Beth and Kirk Cook

Chris and Anne Moorman

Donna and John Kain

Epps Aviation

Grover and Jessica Maxwell

Haydn Fusia

Jordan and Stewart Pilsch

Marian Epps

Give now to help ECC families #BuildSomethingNew!

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Our goal is for 500 people to join the 500 Club by June 30! Can you help us spread the word this and reach our goal? Just share our mission with your friends and family, and send them this link! Here are just a few of the people you can ask to join the club:

Church Friends
Social Media

Coaches (or other extracurricular leaders)
Club Members (such as Book Clubs Members)

Give now to help ECC families #BuildSomethingNew!


All donations to ECC support Pediatric Nursing, the Frank Clark Memorial Scholarship Fund, the Therapeutic Intervention Program, and Social Services. The programs are designed for students with special needs and their families, and they advance our efforts to support students who are medically fragile or have unique needs.

Give now to help ECC families #BuildSomethingNew!