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 Thomas Harris

Amy Harris' favorite mantra (she heard from the founder of the company she works with) is- ‘No one instrument can play a Symphony.’ This is an accurate and beautiful explanation of what ‘We All Belong Here’ means. Everyone is welcome at The ECC and makes a meaningful impact, adding their own melody and color to the masterpiece of life.


The Harris family initially chose The Elaine Clark Center when Thomas was released from the NICU with a nasogastric (NG) tube. "There are very few daycares that accept babies on an NG tube and we were scrambling" said Amy Harris. “As first time parents, I think we were initially naive in how incredibly fortunate we are to have found The ECC.”

"Beth, Zena, Joi, Ms. Rachel- they have all been by our side since Day 1. As an infant and toddler, Thomas received his private therapy at ECC. My husband and I didn’t have to find therapists, leave work early, and race around town to different clinics.Thomas’ therapists, lovingly called ‘Team Thomas', have become an extended family for the Harrises. They celebrate our accomplishments as loudly and as proudly as we do and are always there to help us dust off and move forward.”

Today, Thomas is attending public school during the day and spends time in the After School program at The ECC.


There are countless stories just like Thomas’ about how The ECC is making a positive impact in the lives of the families served everyday. When you support The ECC, you are helping your own community, neighbors and friends. Your donation doesn’t get lost in the abyss and makes a definitive, meaningful impact long term.

Give now to help the ECC continue our commitment to #WeAllBelongHere

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